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Accommodation rules

Terms And Conditions
Park Praha Ltd, Hotel Expo

(applicable since 01/2018)


1. Area of applicability

 These general Terms And Conditions apply to all Contracts of accommodation concluded between Park Praha Ltd of one part and third persons (Guests) of the other part. The Terms And Conditions apply to all services and deliveries provided by Park Praha Ltd, Hotel Expo.

2. General terms of Contract

Mutual contractual relations between the Guest and Hotel Expo (Further referred to as “Provider”) are governed by the Civil Code no. 89/2012 Coll., especially § 2326 and following. In the Contract, the Provider commits to provide accommodation for an agreed period of time in a facility for that purpose, and the Guest undertakes to pay for the accommodation and services within the deadline set by the Contract.

  • The rights and obligations unspecified by the Contract are stipulated by these Terms And Conditions and the price list of the Hotel. Should the Provider enter into a special Contract with the Guests, the respective Contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these Terms And Conditions.
  • Should Guests violate the terms of the Contract, accompanying Terms And Conditions and/or the price list of the Provider, or violate good morals in the Hotel premises, the Provider is entitled to cancel the Contract before the agreed period of time. The cancellation may be applicable without statutory period of notice in case the Guest was informed of their misconduct according to § 2331 of the Civil Code.

3. Conclusion of the Contract, Booking

The Contract comes into effect through the acceptance of the booking by the Provider in writing or by filling in a Check-in Form, and is liable for both parties. The Guest can only use the hotel room for accommodation, other use is strictly prohibited.

4. Booking and Contract cancellation, no-show

  • The Guest is entitled to cancel the Contract in writing up to 24 hours in advance until 18.00. In a no-show situation without prior cancellation, the Provider is entitled to charge full price for the confirmed booking, eventually deduced by the saved costs. Respective cancellation policy applies to bookings made within Contingent Contracts and group reservations including five and more rooms.
  • Should the Provider fail to provide the accommodation due to a mistake (i.e. overbooking, temporary operational problems etc), the Provider is obliged to provide substitute accommodation. The Provider is obliged to:
  • Provide/offer accommodation as stated in the confirmed booking, for the price and period of time given, in another hotel of the same or higher level. Any possible extra costs for the substitute accommodation are to be assumed by the accommodation provider.
  • Provide transportation of the Guest free of charge to the substitute accommodation.
  • If the Provider meets all above stated duties and the Guest accepts the substitute accommodation, the Guest is no longer entitled to any other compensation from the Provider.

5. Prepayment

The price for the booked accommodation is always paid in advance, at the date of arrival the latest. The payment covers heat and electric supply, water, sewage, maintenance, lights, housekeeping once per day, and clean bedding once in three days.

6. Taxes and fees

The prices stated in the Price List are final and cover all taxes and local fees. The provider reserves the rights to charge any additional fees unknown to both parties at the time of the booking confirmation.

7. Payment

We accept payments in cash in following currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, and CZK. We also accept payments by EC cards, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express both in CZK and Euro.

8. Availability of booked rooms

The rooms booked by the Guest are available at 14.00 of the day of arrival until 11.00 on the day of departure. The Provider may collect fees due to the delayed release of the room: 50 % of the full price before 18:00, 100 % of full price after 18.00, however, this does not establish any contractual claims for the Guest. Should the Guest fail to release the room that had been booked beforehand, the Provider reserves the right to enter the room, collect the personal belongings and deposit them in a safe space under the supervision of a two-member committee.

9. Arrivals

  • Upon arrival, the Guest will present their ID card or passport and will personally fill in a registration card. The card must be signed in hand to confirm the data is valid. The Provider reserves the right not to accommodate a Guest who fails to present valid personal identification.
  • The full price for the accommodation must be paid at the check-in at the latest.
  • The number of Guests accommodated in a room must comply with the number of persons checked in for the accommodation. The Guest must report the total number of persons at the check-in.
  • The agreed period of time of accommodation is noted on the registration card. The agreed period of time can only be prolonged with the consent of the Provider.
  • By requesting accommodation or by the conclusion of the Contract, the Guest agrees that the Provider collect personal data in accordance with the Law no. 101/2000 Coll. in order to provide accommodation and guest records in accordance with the Law no. 565/1990 Coll. on the local fees and the Law no. 326/199 Coll. on the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic. The above mentioned legal regulations specify the duties of Guest and Provider regarding the guest records.
  • Guests under the age of 18 can be only accommodated with an adult person as their legal guardian.
  • The Provider is entitled to prevent entry to the hotel to Guests under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

10. General Terms of Accommodation

  • The Guest is entitled to use the premises reserved for his accommodation, as well as other Hotel premises intended for the guests and services related to the accommodation.
  • At the check-in, the Guest will be handed a key. The Guest is obliged to prevent any damage, loss or destruction to the key, and is not allowed to hand the key to any persons who are not direct participants of the Contract. The Guest is obliged to report potential loss of the key to the Reception and will be charged a fee of 300 CZK by the Provider in such case.
  • By checking in at the Hotel, the Guest confirms consent with the Terms And Conditions by signing the registration card upon the arrival. The Provider is entitled to terminate the Contract before the agreed period of time without any compensation in case the Guest breach the contract.
  • The Hotel/Reception will provide medical care/transportation to hospital to the Guest in case of illness or injury of the Guest. The Guest will pay any expenses incurred.

11. Liabilities of the guest

The Guest assumes liability to:
  • Pay the price of accommodation according to the Price list of the Hotel or confirmed booking.
  • Keep the accommodation premises clean.
  • Prevent any damage to equipment and furniture in the premises.
  • Immediately report any damage done by the Guest or people accommodated with him/her.
  • Avoid any disruptive behaviour between 22:00 and 7:00.
  • Upon leaving the room, to close all water taps, turn the lights off, switch off all electric appliances, shut the windows and lock the room.
  • Hand in the key to the Reception at the check-out.
Without consent of the Provider, the Guest is not allowed to:
  • Make any dispositional changes in the room (move furniture, displace the equipment etc)
  • Move any equipment out of the accommodation premises
  •  Use own electric appliances in the premises, with the exception of appliances for personal hygiene and office work
  • Transfer the room to another person.
  • Accept visitors in the accommodation premises. Visitors must be reported to the Reception and are only acceptable from 8.00 to 22:00. After 22:00 visitors can only enter Hotel premises intended for general public.
  • Use the hotel address as the place of business
  • Carry a gun, ammunition or explosives or keep them in a state allowing their immediate use
  • Hold, produce or deal narcotics or poisons, with the exception of prescription drugs.
  • Smoke
  • Make open fire
  • Use explosives in the vicinity of the Hotel, including fireworks and fun pyrotechnics
  • Leave children under the age of 12 unattended in the accommodation and other Hotel premises
  • The Guest is entitled to claim potential deficiencies in the services provided. The Guest must do so immediately without undue delay so that remedial measures are taken. The measures will be taken in the same place if possible.
  • Concerning the accommodation services, the Guest is entitled to lodge a complaint on the functionality and equipment of the room. In case the defect cannot be removed, substitute service will be provided.

12. Safety and liability of the guest for damage caused

  • Guests are obliged to familiarise themselves with the safety regulations and evacuation plan.
  • Guest acts to prevent unjustified harm to liberty, life, health or property of other persons.
  • Should the Guest cause any damage to the property of the Provider, the guest is obliged to compensate for the damage before the departure.

13. Liability of Hotel Expo

  • The Provider liability only applies to damages demonstrably suffered on the part of the Guest.  Provider is not liable for any damage caused by a third party or force majeure.
  • Liability of the Provider for the damage to property is governed by § 2945 and Law no. 89/2012 Coll. of the Civil Code.
  • Entitlement for compensation shall be forfeited if the Guest does not report loss, destruction or damage to the property immediately. Unlimited liability is governed by legal regulations.
  • Liability of the Provider for damage to objects is limited to 100 times of the accommodation price per day. In other cases, liability is governed by § 2946 and Law no. 89/2012 Coll. of the Civil Code.
  • Furthermore, the Provider is liable for damage caused by intentional or negligent breach of duties. This applies equally to legal representatives, employees and persons authorized by the Provider. Claims for compensation outside this framework are excluded.
  • Property forgotten at the Hotel will be returned to the owner upon request, at the expenses of the owner. Provider stores forgotten items for one month, after this period of time the Provider reserves the right to dispose of the items.
  • If it becomes apparent that the Provider services are insufficient or faulty, steps will be taken to remedy the insufficiencies as soon as a complaint is lodged by the Guest or the Provider becomes aware of the incident. Guest is obliged to provide appropriate cooperation to minimalize potential damage. Guest is obliged to prevent damage and notify the Provider of potential damage of extraordinary importance.
  • If the Guest is provided a parking lot in the Hotel garage for a fee, neither agreement of custody nor any other contractual relation is concluded. The only contractual obligation of the Provider in this respect is to provide a particular parking space to the Guest. The parking fee is 350CZK per parking lot per day. The Provider assumes no liability for any damage or loss of the vehicle parked or operating in the garage, for loss or damage to the content of the vehicle, or for harm to animals or persons in the premises of the garage. Furthermore, the Provider is not liable for any damage caused by random phenomena, force majeure or vandalism and for damage caused by other Guests or other third persons.
Liability for the Guest’s property
  •  For the comfort of our guests, the rooms are equipped with safe deposits for personal belongings. The provider is not liable for valuables in the rooms (money, jewels, credit cards, laptops, tablets, cameras etc) unless they are kept in the safe deposit. Guest is obliged to keep valuables below the value of 10.000 CZK in the safe deposit in their room. It is strongly advised to deposit valuables exceeding the value of 10.000 CZK in the hotel safe deposit; otherwise the Provider is not liable for their loss.
  • Upon request, the provider will deposit finances, jewellery and other valuables into custody. The provider reserves a right to refuse custody in case of dangerous items or items of disproportionate extent. This explicitly includes finances or items exceeding the value of 100.000 CZK. The Provides requests that the items to be deposited into custody are handed in a closed or sealed box or envelope. Guests can request custody of valuables at the Reception.
  • In case of loss of personal belongings, the Guest will contact the Reception, who will call the police.
  • The provider does not assume liability for loss of belongings outside the safe deposit or belongings not deposited into custody.
  • Damage, harm or destruction must be reported immediately. Liability claims are terminated if the Guest does not notify the Provider of the loss, damage or destruction without undue delay, not later than 15 days since Guest became aware of the incident.
  • Guest is not entitled to any compensation for damage caused by him/herself or by persons accompanying the Guest.

14. Free WiFi internet

  • Hotel offers free wireless Internet connection both to Guests and visitors. While connected to the WiFi, users are obliged to comply with applicable laws, especially to avoid violating copyright, illegal sharing and downloading of work of art, overloading of the WiFi, transferring and spreading computer viruses, sending unwanted messages (spam), spreading alarm messages, and/or any other actions that are in violation of law.
  • Hotel WiFi network does not require password.
  • It is prohibited to download films, music, torrents, games, porn and warez material, to send unwanted messages and offers, to compromise other network users!
  • Bad or no WiFi signal is not a reason to report network error. Functionality of the network cannot be claimed. As the bandwidth of the connection is public, the network might get overloaded or jammed at times. The Provider cannot deal with blackouts or temporary signal fluctuations and such incidents are not subject to potential discounts from accommodation or other services.

15. Bringing in food and drinks

  • Guests are not allowed to bring and consume their own food and drinks in public spaces of the Hotel.
  • Breakfast is only allowed in designated areas (bar, restaurant, lounge, and terrace).
  • Taking breakfast away, even piecewise, from these areas is prohibited. In breach of the prohibition, guests will be charged a fine of 300CZK.
  • Food preparation in rooms is prohibited.
  • Food and beverages in the Minibar are not included in the price of accommodation. Guest must pay for consumed goods at the Reception.

16. No smoking policy in the accommodation premises, restaurant and lounge

Smoking is prohibited in all public hotel spaces and all hotel rooms. In breach of the prohibition, 50 EUR fine will be charged to compensate for special cleaning work and potential loss of profits if the room is unfit for accommodation. The Provider can claim higher compensation if he can prove the damage exceeds 50EUR.

17. Pets

  • Pets are only allowed with consent of the Provider.
  • Guest is obliged to announce intention to bring a pet in advance.
  • Provider will only provide such consent under the condition that the pet will be attended at all times, the pet does not suffer from any disease and will not pose any danger to other guests or the Hotel staff.
  • Pets are not allowed at breakfast and at the hotel bar.
  • Guest is fully liable for any damage caused by the pet.
  • Pets are charged by an additional fee of 150 CZK per night.
  • Free stay is granted to guide and assistant dogs.

18. Privacy Policy

  • The provider strives to make the official website as comprehensive as possible. To achieve this, it may happen that the visitors’ data be provided for analysis to improve the services and performance of the website, to improve the quality of services and to measure impact of our marketing campaigns. It may happen that personal data are used for such purposes by contractual partners of the Provider. The data provided to the third party partners cannot identify the visitor personally and include typically but not exclusively anonymous demographic data and online behaviour of the visitor. All data provided for analysis will be in a summary form that does not enable personal identification.
  • By subscribing to a newsletter the visitor explicitly agrees to receive direct marketing communication, including direct marketing and special offers of the Hotel. For sending these newsletters messages, the Provider is authorized to process a name and an e-mail address.
  • This agreement is voluntary; unsubscription can be done at any time without giving any reason, at e-mail address sales@expoprag.cz.

19. Final Provisions

Changes and Amendments to the Contract or Terms And Conditions must be done in writing. Unilateral changes and amendments from the side of the Guest are invalid. The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms And Conditions. Such changes are valid since the day these have been published at the Hotel notice board and the hotel website.





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